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Rig'Em Right Jerk Rig Kit

Wake up your decoys with this new pocket-sized jerk rig kit. This proven system is used by avid waterfowlers to attract the wariest of ducks. Simply place the anchor in your spread, run the line to your blind and pull the string. Decoys swim towards you on the pull and away when bungee retracts. This jerk rig kit comes ready to use with miniature folding anchor, 100’ of line, bungee cord and swivels for rigging 4 decoys. This rig kit is light-weight, compact and fits into your coat pocket or blind bag. Recommended for water depths 5’ or less. Stuff sack included.


  • Miniature anchor
  • Bungee cord
  • 100 feet of durable nylon line
  • Pre-tied swivels for four decoys
  • Reusable string winder
  • Two eye bolts for various setup options
  • Stuff sack