Tanglefree Floating Gun Case First Lite Cache

Tanglefree Waterfowl



Sometimes referred to as one of the best gun cases ever designed, this case was designed to meet the demands of large semi-auto shotguns being produced. The case has a side Velcro opening for a deep cleaning access, an end loop at the tip to hang for air drying, a double Velcro and buckle closure to securely hold the gun in the case and a zipper side pocket that easily fits a case of 3 extended choke tubs. To top it off, there is so much protective closed cell foam paddling the case was field tested to float up to 12 lbs.


Strong Velcro closure

Metal Buckle

Side opening

Extra foam padding

Adjustable shoulder strap

Outer pocket for choke tubes and accessories

Size: 55” in length