Tanglefree Lesser Skinny Canada Goose Decoy 60 Pack

Tanglefree Waterfowl



A quick way to make , the outfitter pack of Lesser Canada Skinny Decoys from Tanglefree Waterfowl. This pack includes 5 dozen Lesser Canada Skinny Decoys and a Flight Series Lesser Skinny Decoy Bag in Optifade Marsh.

The Lesser Canada Skinny 60 Pack have flocked heads and come with 40 Feeders, 10 Uprights, 10 Walkers.

Stake length 19"

Decoy size:

  • Feeder: 22"
  • Upright: 20.5"
  • Walker: 21.5"

Lesser Skinny Decoy Bag in Optifade Marsh and Lesser Velcro Patch included!

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