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Single reed short barrel

"When this call was brand new; the first time it went on stage in Indianapolis 2012,  it won the 2-man meat contest by several points.  Sold every one I took with me that weekend." Tim Grounds

Not only has Tim Grounds put more duck in the new “D” Overhauler, but he has made it easy for you to get it out.  The new Quarter Barrel Mouth Piece design reduces the amount of air needed to run the call and the distance from your mouth to the reed by almost 25 %.  This creates an easy-blowing call with the natural rattle of a nasty ol’ hen.  Its newly designed insert boasts a tone board that drops like a mallard comin’ into floating acorns, giving the reed freedom to move and flex further, creating unmatched tonal control.  It also has a tapered ream sound chamber for unbelievable volume on those windy days.  So it doesn’t matter if you’re soft talkin’ while standing in timber or high-ballin’ while sitting in a pit.  

Colour: Flat Black with Lime Band

Made in the USA.


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