Tim Grounds Championship Calls G Overhauler™

Tim Grounds Championship Calls



The Tim Grounds "G" Overhauler™ has the mind blowing ability to produce all the short reed goose call vocalizations you can imagine.  Its newly designed A.F.C. Mouth Piece (Air Flow Control), matched up with our legendary Triple Crown Gut System, provides the caller with unmatched volume control, and the ability to produce everything from the loudest comebacks to the softest laydowns with ease.  No matter if you are standing in front of judges, or workin' some hard hunted migrators, this is a call that can be blown to the absolute limit and beyond.  So if you're looking for that something extra, "Come Getcha Some", and get yourself overhauled, cuz this call is "GOOSE"  . . . . period.  Made in the USA.