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Tim Grounds Championship Calls



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There is only one Super Mag. It holds every title out there. That includes the WORLD and Champion of Champions. It has been the top choice of hunters and contests, callers, for many years.  Tim and Hunter certainly have one on their lanyard. Hunter's is acrylic, but Tim's was the hedge. It has the soft clucks and high-pitched honks with the great low end all the way. Of course, it is hand-tuned by HunterGrounds.

The Poly Carb has won huge contests after coming on the market in November 2001. It took the Avery International, January 2002, and first place again the very next month of February. In Burlington, Iowa. It has also won the WORLD with the Triple Crown gut system.   Hunters have raved about its performance in the field. It is THE ALL-AROUND Call for goose hunters. The price is right. The performance is better.

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