White Rock Headless Blue Goose Windsock Decoys

White Rock Decoy Company



The best windsock blue goose decoy on the market just got better with new graphics! The ultra realistic feather detail of the windsock bag is blue goose dark, to bring out the salt and pepper look your spread needs. No artistic interpretation here, the design and color schemes came from an actual blue goose! No-shine and UV proof inks put the finishing touches on the new White Rock Blues. Mix up to 40% Blues in with your snow goose decoys to bring un-matched realism to Central and Mississippi flyway spreads. Tuf-Snap Collapsible Support Systems and 24" fiberglass ground stakes come standard. 

These hugely popular headless snow and blue goose decoys are also FULLY ASSEMBLED. That's right, all the snow goose decoys now come out of the package ready to hunt. For those who've spent hours upon hours pounding push nuts and assembling decoys in the past, you know how huge of an upgrade this is! And it is because of you and the loyal support over the years, we were able to do this FOR YOU....and at the same great low price.

Packaged per 12

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