Woodhaven Premier Turkey Mouth Calls 3 Pack

Woodhaven Custom Calls



Introducing WoodHaven’s Premier 3-pack designed by Mike Pentecost, Scott Ellis, and Billy Yargus.  The Premier 3 Pack consists of The Yellow Hammer, The Dagger, and The Equalizer.

The “YellowHammer”, designed by Mike Pentecost, is the first “hammer’ cut call made of all premium prophylactic reed material.  It is a 3 reed “lite” call with the popular hammer cut from Woodhaven   The YellowHammer will do it all with very little air and has that signature proph tone that just sounds like a real hen.

The Dagger, designed by Scott Ellis, is a three reed, split v /side cut hybrid call.  The Dagger consists of a red top reed . 004 over two reeds of natural .003. The Dagger call has the ability to create all turkey sounds loud and soft with minimal effort. The hen is built into the call. Just add air and she comes to life.

The Equalizer, designed by Billy Yargus, has a .004 yellow top reed over two reeds of proph and .003 latex. This call is designed to give hunters the ability to get raspy and loud, quiet for those softer tree yelps, and easily makes raspy cutts, cackles, and assembly yelps.